Happy New Year everyone. I am more expectant of 2016 than ever before because I have a vision and goal which has been laid on my heart. This is going to be an amazing year full of great expectations and desires coming to fruition. My hope and prayer is that everyone that reads this is as expectant about this year as I am and know that this year I will be praying specifically for my readers. My prayer is for you to find your purpose and live in that purpose. I have a list who are on my account and I pray for them daily. If there is ever a specific request email me and I will stand in agreement. I want to personally thank everyone that has been supportive of my writing and I look forward to sharing with new and past readers the plans that I have set in motion for this year.

So for the first post of 2016 is about love specifically my love life from first grade to now. I have noticed  there are a lot of friends of mine who are single and I see posts on Facebook that relate to being single, some good some hilarious and some are in honesty a bit sad.

Lets begin when I first noticed the alluring female. The setting was Oceanside, CA specifically, North Terrace Elementary in my first grade class. My teacher who was a reformed hippie from the 60’s who loved to surf and I believe he started teaching just to have summers off to surf.  FYI if you want a really awesome first grade experience having a hippie surfer is a great starting point.

I remember the first day of school, there was excitement and nervousness when I walked into the class room I was in sensory overload. The room was filled crafts, posters of spaceships, a complete section of the room was dedicated to reading and another had this couch surrounded by a kitchen play set made out of wood. It was intense and then “she” walked through the door. Her name was Shannon and she was the most prettiest girl I had ever seen. She had blonde hair blue eyes and smile that caused me to develop  a speech impediment, which only happened when I was around her.

Some of you may be asking how were you so enthrawled with Shannon at such a young age. Well let me get a little vulnerable with you. My mother loved to watch Lifetime and romantic movies. Since we had only one television in the house I was subjected to all sorts of Rom-Com movies and Lifetime tearjerkers. Now I have always had a tender heart these shows just exploited it, plus Shannon was GORGEOUS.

Well first grade came and went along with my hopes to marry Shannon. She was transferred to another school after moving during the summer. It was a hard break up but I managed to make through the next three years as a bachelor. The first day of fourth grade came and i walked into my classroom and there she was, MariaSola, but she went by Sola for short. Sola was the complete opposite of Shannon, Sola had was from Samoa and she had this long black curly hair and tan skin, but the one thing that she did have in common with Shannon was her eyes. Both of these ladies hooked me with their beautiful eyes.

Alas elementary passed and junior high and high school proceeded, in each of those years there was one young lady that gave me a speech impediment. I had my first real relationship when I was 21 and that ended when I decided to join the Air Force. During my years in the military I dated two woman ( not at the same time ) that i thought i was going to eventually marry. The first one left me two months into my deployment to Iraq, that was a tough one, but she is happily married and I truly am very happy for her.

The second relationship was ended after a year and a half. We had a fight somethings were said during that fight and we never got back together. The was harder break up than the first because I truly did love her, but I took her for granted during a time in my life where she was a huge support for me. It was one of those situations that I really didn’t know what I had until it was gone.

That break up happened in March of 2010 and I have been single since. Since my early twenties I had not been single for more than 8 months to a year and for the past 5 years and two months I have been treading in some unfamiliar water.

Being single is funny at times because you get asked by all of your friends and family members if I am interested in anyone or they tell me they have someone picked out for me. My favortie though is when I am talking or hang out with a female, i am flooded with questions. I love my friends and family and I know that they want the best for me, so keep the questions and suggestions coming, it does not bother me at all.

I use to hate being single because at times it seemed that I was the only one who was single, although now i really believe that all of my close friends are married now. There were times that I thought that I was going to be single FOREVER and that would SUCK.

You know the enemy is going to try and convince you to believe anything that contradicts what the Word of God says about you. You and I are unique and were created by the same God who created all of the beauty of this world. Be confident knowing that there is no else like you and that if the desire of your heart is to be married then seek the one who created you, He created your perfect match. Something that Tinder, Match, eHarmony or any other website can claim.

Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.

Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

These two verses go hand in hand with anything you may desire. Make your request known to God and delight in the fact that God is going to give you the desires of your heart. You just need to really let go and not worry about it. I recommend not even talking about your relationship status. Focus on your purpose in life and while you are focused and seeking God in that purpose a person will come into your life that you know was hand picked by God especially for you.

There is no need for us to jump from infatuation to infatuation like I did in grade school and high school. When we act like i did as a child then we are basically saying that we do not trust God with our love life. Let me ask you this if you drive a Ferrari and you need some engine work done, would you take it to a KIA dealership and ask them to fix it. Well why do you take control of your love life instead of allowing the one who created you take care of it.

So don’t, stress don’t worry and enjoy LIFE, BE EXPECTANT and BE CONFIDENT that your latter days will be greater than your former days.


Shawn Bordges