Yesterday, I woke up to head to work and the first thing I noticed was the sky was blanketed by dark grey clouds. My phone informed me that a storm was on its way.

I have come to the realization that most people who grew up in this area enjoy thunder storms, I mean our basketball team is named after them.

As I watched the lightning flash through the sky and the thunder shake, I could not help but think of God’s grace and favor. I was reminded of Matthew 5:45 “that you may be sons of your Father in heaven? for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” At first glance this verse may read to you as God just sends storms into our lives for kicks.

I use to believe that God would send me storms to punish me. That is a destructive way of thinking. If I made a bad choice, I reaped the outcome of those decisions. God is going to allow me to reap what I sowed because He is a loving God. 

Because we live in a fallen world there are situations that come into our lives that were not warranted by choices. This verse tells us that God is not a respecter of men, that no matter our heritage, the sum of our bank account or our education we will all have to deal with the brokenness of this world.

Here is where the grace and favor comes into play. Jesus warns all of us of future trials, He gives us a “playbook” so to speak. Think of it like this, if the Oklahoma City Thunder had the playbook of every opponent and knew their every weakness, then they would be the 2016 Champions and Kevin Durant would still be in Oklahoma. We have assurance that we will have storms in this life, either from our choices or not and we also have the knowledge of the enemies every move.

The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy he does this by deception. 

When Jesus took the place of Barnabas, was crucified and rose again, He became the ultimate weapon, shield and advocate for us. The weapon is His name, which is the Name above all names, the shield is that placement of us in Gods hands as joint-heirs with Jesus. He advocates our righteousness to God. This all happens when we make Jesus the Lord of our lives.

There is peace in this decision because it comes with all 7700 promises that are in the Bible. The storm that hit the Tulsa area did not last forever and today is actually pretty nice and sunny. the storm brought much needed rain, which provides growth to the grass, rivers and lakes and it gave us a break from the ridiculously hot summer days.

I’ll take rain over 96 degrees with 100% humidity any day.

Just like the storms that come and go in our life we take comfort that they will not last forever and there is growth and wisdom that come in the end. I challenge, the next time you are faced with a storm do not have an emotional response but seek out the promises of God. Seek out the beauty of the storm, the spectacular flash of lighting, the coolness of the rain, and the growth of faith and wisdom in the end. Our storms will not last forever and we take comfort in knowing that no matter the cause of the storm we will be delivered unscathed as long  as we allow Jesus to go in front of us.