waiting1If you are like me, then the worst word in the english language, next to moist, is the word wait. I am a firm believer that nobody likes that word. I would prefer the word NO, rather than getting the word WAIT. My reasoning is simple, when someone tells me to wait, that leaves the option of doubt. When I was a kid and asked my parents if I could go to the beach or play the greatest gaming system ever, the original NES, if you dont know what that is look it up; and they told me to wait, I would automatically lose hope of getting what I wanted.

At least when I would get a yes or a no answer, I knew where I stood. When I was told to wait, then I would be in purgatory, either trying everything in my ability to coerce a YES and do everything in my powers to no garner a NO. This way of thinking continued throughout the years, all the way into adulthood. I was an impatient person, I continue to get better, but I still do not like the word WAIT.

I remember the first time I read Isaiah 40:31, Isaiah wrote “those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be wary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” I am pretty sure the first time I saw it was on an eagle statue for sale in a christian book store. Now there is nothing wrong with an eagle statue, but sometimes as Christians I think we go a little overboard with plastering verses on items for sale. To me it just it seems to trivialize the actual message, but that is another topic of conversation.

When I first read that verse, I was completely confused, how could waiting honestly renew my strength, the thought of waiting on an answer or waiting on someone is exhausting to me. I would tell people that I am praying and believing for a desire and a fellow believer with all of the right motives and more wisdom than me, would reference that verse to me and my blood would boil. Now, I warranted that reaction because I had two things going against me, my history of the word wait, i.e. lack of wisdom, and that I did not have Gods word in my heart. I was only concerned with my here and now, waiting was not an option.

If I knew the Word then all I would have had to do is refer to Romans 5:5 and understand that the Biblical definition of WAIT is HOPE. The New King James Version says “Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Verse 6 goes on to say that while we were yet weak Christ died for us. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus opened up the door to God, His love and the power of the Holy Spirit. All we have to do is just accept the gift.


Waiting on God, is not purgatory, it is the confidence of He who has begun a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ Philippians 1:6. Waiting prepares us for the next season God has for us. Disciplining ourselves and becoming sensitive to Gods voice allows us to worry if our prayers will be answered but rejoicing in the fact that they were answered the day the veil was torn in half and we finite, fallible, often wicked people, were given access to God through the blood of Jesus Christ. We are the apple of Gods eye, His most precious creation.

The Bible says that God will not withhold any good thing from us Psalms 84:11, the Bible also says that when we delight in the LORD, that we will receive the desires of our heart Psalms 37:4. So waiting is really simple, you first delight in God, be confident in His promise and prepare. Gods waiting does not withhold, but rather allows us as believers the ability to receive a blessing far and above any desire we could ask or think of. Ephesians 3:20.